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Messy Church

We're now in the thick of preparing for our next 3 Messy Church events - check out the dates and times below.

Over the next 3 months we're going to be thinking about a man called Saul who had an amazing encounter with Jesus; so amazing that it changed his whole life around; from wrong side up to right side up.


  • In May we're going to think about Saul's life-changing encounter with Jesus in Saul sees a great light.  We'll be making candles, learning Morse Code and making spy glasses among other fun things. Then we'll eat together at the end of the afternoon.


  • In June we'll meet Saul again, only this time he's called Paul; he changed so much God even gave him a new name!  We'll be thinking about Paul on his journeys to share Jesus with others.  We'll make up our own picnic and follow him on his journeys. Our journey will take us to a model prison where Paul was locked up, to a boat on which he was shipwrecked and to all sorts of other fascinating places.


  • Finally in July, we'll think about Paul the letter writer. Not having the luxury of email or texting Paul had to write letters to all the people he'd met on his journeys. Many of them had become Christians like him and he wanted to help them live as followers of Jesus.  Jesus once said those who follow him should produce "good fruit" to show they are like him.  We'll hear Paul tells us what that means because our afternoon will have a fruity, foody theme.  Well round the afternoon off with a BBQ in our fantastic garden.


So don't miss out.  Come and join us for some fun-packed, messy afternoons!!  Looking forward to seeing you there.  OPBC Messy Church team

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