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Gravitate (School yrs 6-11)

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We're really looking forward to catching up with lots of young people from our community when we relaunch our Gravitate youth club on FRIDAY 29 SEPTEMBEROur times haven't changed. We'll still meet from 6.45 to 8.15pm. 


If you've not been before we open our doors to young people from school years 6 to 11. We have separate zones in the building; a zone where you can just hang out with friends, a zone where you can play music and play on the PS3 and, for those who are more active, a zone for table tennis, pool or ball games.


We look forward to seeing lots of you again.  Just come to the main church entrance on Triangle East and we'll be there to meet you on the 29th.


If you want any further details email our minister, Mark, through the website or alternatively you may also be able to follow events from time to time via Twitter - @OPBCBath on our Facebook page, or via the Oldfield Park Baptist Youtube channel.




 Gravitate flyer 2

It doesn't take much to get us into the baking mode at Gravitate (the youth group for school years 6-8), but we recently got our inner chefs out to raise money for a charity we feel strongly about.

Lepra is a British charity that fights against often-neglected diseases like leprosy, tuberculosis and lymphatic filariasis in India and Bangladesh. It works to provide poorer people with the free healthcare, living aids and education that can cure the diseases they face and help lift them out of poverty.

Little girl outside house in BiharHarriet and Bex in the kitchenYum!

So to support Lepra (a charity we chose ourselves after hearing about what they do) we baked cakes and sold them at the church service on Sunday. We raised a total of £50 - a good sum for an evening of baking we think!

So as well as getting a warming glow in our bellies, we had some fun too... and the pictures are here to prove it!

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