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Home Groups

Wednesday Night Home Group meets fortnightly in Odd Down.

Lifts are available from Oldfield Park (or elsewhere).


Hosted by Jenni and Matt, we kick off at 8pm and try to be finished by 9.30.

Recently the group has been revisiting the latest Sunday sermon as a starting point for discussion. We are testing our memories and delving a bit deeper into what we heard. Asking questions like, ‘What does that mean for us practically on a daily basis?’ brings that interface between sermon and our daily lives. It’s a great opportunity to ask ‘What did Mark mean when he said.... ?’ or, ‘This is what I think about what I heard.’

Then we pray. About what we have learned, about our lives and the week ahead, and about whatever God puts on our hearts.

We get to know our bibles better. We get to spend time thinking about what it all means. We get to know each other better.

It’s life building.

Want to join in?

No-one is excluded – all are welcome.

Speak to our minister, Mark, after Sunday morning worship and we'll get you connected.