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What is Alpha?

Alpha is a chance to explore and question the meaning of life. Over a series of about ten sessions, you’ll find out about the basics of the Christian faith and how it provides answers to these questions. Each session involves a main talk and a time to discuss what you've heard and share what you think. There's always food and drink involved and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed.  What's more it's all free.  Maybe that’s why over 22.5 million people worldwide have already tried Alpha.

When is Alpha?

We have run Alpha twice in the last couple of years during the first few weeks of the New Year.  As members of the church build relationships with people either outside of the life of the church or through regular activities which we run as a church we find some of those we're meeting want to dig a bit deeper and think more about the Christian faith and how it answers life's big questions and is relelvant to their lives.  If you fancy giving Alpha a try please get in touch with our Minister, Mark, or our Community Outreach Worker, Paul through the Contact Us area of our website.  Or just keep an eye on our home page for the next course.


Who can come to an Alpha course? 

Basically, anyone and everyone... 

I'm atheist, can I come? Yes

I don't know what I believe, can I come? Yes

I am really argumentative, can I come? Yes

I'm really angry with God, can I come? Yes

I am a Christian looking to revisit the basics of my faith, can I come? Yes

I was brought up in a different faith and culture, can I come? Yes

I am not a Baptist - in fact I don't really know what that means, can I come? Yes