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We love linking with students via Fusion.

Fusion aims to connect young people leaving home for the first time with family churches in their new university town. Transition to student life can be chaotic. Fusion has recognised the risk of getting lost – not reconnecting with God and church during those uni years.

At Oldfield Park Baptist Church we are delighted to be a receiving church – welcoming new students to our fellowship.


Fusion enables us to talk to prospective students by weekly messages sent to students coming to Bath, over the summer holidays and into Freshers week. What is great is that we get to pray for specific students coming to Bath – that God will keep them close and safe in His hands.

Fusion also produces some great online and print resources to help students and churches.

Check some of them out here:    www.fusion.uk.com

Of course you can just get in touch using our contact us page.

We've helped students find their feet in Bath. We've welcomed international students and helped to sort out those niggling problems that young people (and parents) worry about when you head off to live independently, perhaps for the first time. We love to serve our student community - with the practical things. We welcome students into our homes for food, or take a trip to Ikea for essential home supplies, or connect with airport pickups & drop offs, or simply pick ups from campus (Bath Spa & Bath Uni) on a Sunday morning for worship.  And the "spiritual" things - prayer groups, bible study groups & gatherings that are just perfect for students. 

As the summer begins we're praying for you students - for safe holidays & journeys and fun times, for smooth transitions and new friends - but mostly that you stay close to Jesus and reconnect with church at uni.