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Currently we have a couple of home groups meeting fortnightly on a Monday evening.Hosted by Jenni & Matt, Sharon & Mark & Sharon & Dan we kick off at 7.30pm and try to be finished by 9.00pm.

Recently we've been following The Bible Course produced by the BIble Society which gives a great overview of the whole Bible and how it all fits together and tells the unfolding story of God and his relationship with the world he has made.  Before that groups would often revisit the latest Sunday sermon as a starting point for discussion or follow a study of a particular book or theme from within the Bible. In the coming weeks we're considering looking at how Christians live as Good News People in their community and in the wider world, following in the footsteps of Jesus.

We always take time to pray together too.  We pray about what we've learned and ask God to help us to apply what we've learned to our lives.  We pray for one another and the things going on in our lives.  And basically we pray about anything else that God puts on our hearts.

Through all of this we get to know God and his Son, Jesus, better, his word (the Bible) better and one another better.

It all helps build our faith and grow our relationships.

Want to join in?

No-one is excluded – all are welcome.

Speak to our minister, Mark, after Sunday morning worship and we'll get you connected.