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Here are some photos to give you a flavour of what we've been up to at Messy Church for the last year.

  • From May to July 2013 we took the theme of Love as our focus.  The Bible tells us that God is Love. He loves every one of us immensely and wants us to enjoy living in his love.  In May we looked at what the Bible has to say to us about Loving God.  In June we thought about Loving our Neighbour and in July we rounded the Summer session off by thinking about Loving our World.


  • From October to November 2013 we travelled way back in history to the time of one of the greatest kings who ever lived, King David.  He started out in life as a shepherd boy but rose to the heady heights of becoming King.  All the way through he was described as a man after God's own heart. Through the story of David's life we thought about how God looks at our hearts and we saw how to Face our Fears. Finally, just before Christmas, we discovered that David was an ancestor of the greatest king of all - King Jesus - who was born to be the Saviour of the world.   


  • Then, from January to March 2014, we took a look at how 3 people/groups of people encountered Jesus. They were all very different but their lives were all changed for the better through meeting Jesus.  We thought about Peter and the amazing catch of fish; Zacchaeus - changed from bad to good and The 10 lepers who learned the need to have a gratitude attitude.                                       

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