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Good question........So, here's the answer.

Some time ago a group of Christians in a local church wanted to try and connect with families in their community who had no prior connection with church, and either no idea or very little idea what being a Christian is all about.

As they prayed about that, God gave them a vision for opening up their buildings and creating an informal space where families could come and learn about God and about being a Christian through hands on craft activities (hence the Messy bit!), simple hospitality (refreshments and a meal together - hopefully not so Messy!) all related to stories and messages from the Bible (hence the church bit!)


They found that it worked, which things tend to do when God's in charge!  Families came along, enjoyed the whole experience, and began to connect with God in a way they hadn't done before.  So Messy Church was born.  Since then it has spread all over the country as a new and different way of being church.

Here at OPBC we've been running our own Messy Church since May 2013 and in that time have welcomed a lot of families.  We've loved getting to know them and we hope the feeling is mutual.

Why not come along yourself and join us.  We'd love to see you.  You don't know what you're missing!! See you soon.

OPBC's Messy Church team.